About Us

Meet the team behind the Reduce Single-Use Project at Eckerd:

Dr. Amy Siuda, Assistant Professor of Marine Science

Dr. Amy Siuda earned her Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography from the University of Connecticut. She specializes in a variety of aspects within the marine plankton ecology field.

Dr. Shannon Gowans, Professor of Marine Science and Biology

Dr. Shannon Gowans earned her bachelor’s degree and her Ph.D. from Dalhousie University. She focuses mainly on the evolution of social organization in cetaceans. 

Professor Evan Bollier, Director of Sustainability

Professor Evan Bollier earned his Masters degree in Business Administration at University of South Florida, St Petersburg with a focus track in Management. Professor Bollier also serves as the Director of Sustainability for Eckerd College.

Student Interns:

Skyler Paoli, Student Intern

Skyler is a senior at Eckerd College majoring in Marine Science and minoring in journalism. As an intern for this project, Skyler works to collect and analyze data, to assess project progress, and coordinate campus events. 

Nicole Schaal, Student Intern

Nicole is a senior at Eckerd College majoring in Marine Science and Environmental Studies with a minor in math. As an intern for this project, Nicole works to coordinate social media outreach, plan community and campus events, and building support for an innovative technological application to refuse single-use plastics.

Rachel Smith, Student Intern

Rachel is a Junior at Eckerd College majoring in Marine Science with minors in Environmental Studies and Communication with particular interest in science communication. She helps plan and schedule social media posts and coordinate student volunteers. She joined the project to explore more sides of science communication and help advocate for a cleaner, healthier environment. 

Elizabeth Oliver, Student Intern

Elizabeth is a junior at Eckerd College majoring in Marine Science and Spanish minoring in chemistry. As an intern for this project, Elizabeth works to support student volunteers on campus, to assess project progress, and upkeep the Break Free from Plastic Pledge

Abby Baumgard, Student Intern

Abby is a senior at Eckerd College majoring in Marine Science and Interdisciplinary Arts. With interests in science communication and conservation ecology, Abby hopes to start a career that gives back to the environment. Abby wanted to intern on this project in order to communicate the importance of environmentally conscious living and advocate for environmentally conscious policy change. 

Past Interns:

Chloe McKenna, Class of 2023

Makayla Doran, Class of 2023

Carter Weinhofer, Class of 2023

Renee Veldman, Class of 2022

Angelina Kossoff, Class of 2021

Trish Schrank, Class of 2020

Contact Us:

Email us at: reducesingleuse@eckerd.edu

Follow us on Instagram: @eckerdreducesingleuse