Break Free From Plastic Commitment

In November 2019, the Break Free From Plastic Pledge was signed by President Eastman and the Commitment was enacted January 1st, 2020.

Eckerd College Zero Waste Event Guide-2.pdf

This Commitment prohibits faculty, staff, and students from using College funds to purchase unnecessary, single-use plastics, such as single-serve beverage bottles, plates, utensils, cups, shopping bags, packing material, plasticated name tags, balloons, and more. Please note that this commitment does not apply to funds used to support teaching or professional productivity, as well as to single use plastic related to health and safety precautions or as needed by individuals with different abilities or dietary restrictions - however, we do encourage switching to non-plastic alternatives for these items. Unfortunately, since there is no industrial composter in our area, biodegradable plastic items are not considered an appropriate alternative at this time.

All Eckerd College staff, faculty, students, club heads, and other interested individuals are encouraged to utilize the Eckerd College Zero Waste Event Guide created by Reduce Single Use and the ECOS Environmental Responsibility Committee. This guide gives an overview to how to host and promote a zero waste event, a detailed list of alternatives and campus contacts, specific tips, and much more.