Reusables vs. Plastics Data:


  • At Eckerd's cafeteria, people use mostly reusable alternatives, from utensils, plates, and bowls, to water bottles and cups.

  • This location is in the process of eliminating the plastic-wrapped fruit for a more sustainably wrapped alternative.

Triton's Pub

  • Plastic cups were no longer available at the pub after fall semester

  • Plastic utensils were replaced with wood and metal reusable options.


  • On average, customers use more single-use plastics than reusable alternatives.

  • Customers are not bringing their own reusable cups.


  • In fall 2018, the bookstore switched from plastic to paper bags, leading to the sharp drop at that time.

  • Interestingly, customers used similar amounts of plastic and reusable items throughout the school year.