Beach Cleanups

Beach Cleanup Data:

Campus & Coastal Counts:

  • Complied from all beach cleanups throughout the 2018-2021 school year.

  • The most common items found were cigarette butts, plastic bottle caps, and food wrappers.

  • If you lined the cigarette butts end to end, the distance would equal the length 4 blue whales.

  • The above graphs include the most common items found.

  • This project is ongoing and updated data from the 2020-2021 school year will be added shortly.

Coastal vs. Campus:

  • Over 90% of items collected were plastic.

  • More items were found on the coastline than campus.

  • Other items included rubber, other types of construction material, and fireworks.

Collected From Cleanups:


Total Items: 38,541.3

Total Plastic Items: 32,945

Total Cigarette Butts: 4,395

Total Food Wrappers: 3,987

Total Plastic Beverage Bottles: 1,063

Total Plastic Bags: 1,271

Total Grocery Bags: 529


Total plastic weight: 348.68 pounds

Total weight: 1,808.79 pounds

The total weight removed equals approximately 2 adult manatees. The total plastic weight removed equals approximately 3 adult giant octopuses.